Media Highlights

We are not too sure why people are so interested in us. Maybe its' our simple and permanent solution to hair loss that is virtually inpreceptable? If you would like to speak to the masterminds of The RUGged Man (R) Advanced Hair System, please contact us here.

As you can see, we have received a bit of coverage just from the local press due to our airing on CBC’s national block buster television show, The Dragons’ Den. In March 16, 2011 we auditioned in Edmonton and we notified by the producers that we made the cut and were flown down to Toronto to present in front of the actual Dragons. On May 13, 2011 with 13 cameras rolling, we walked down that famous staircase and entered the Dragons' Den. You see, over 4000 people auditioned this year and only 300 were lucky enough to be selected to go to Toronto. Of that 300, approximately 150 will get air time. So, CHEERS to getting air time!!!!

On March 9, 2011 we were featured across Canada with the world's most revolutionary hair replacement system, The RUGged Man (R). While we did not receive funding from the Dragons, the publicity was fantastic. Over the last while we have been able to help so many balding men, one rug at a time.

You see, over 4000 presenters auditioned this year and only 300 were selected to film infront of the Dragons in Toronto. Of those 300 who filmed in Toronto, approximately 150 will make it to TV. We are going to stay positive, upbeat and more importantly "RUG"ged in hopes of spreading the good word.

With our entourage, we will soon be embarking on our media junket which will likely include hot-spots such as Los Angles, Miami, New York and Boise. We’ve just might even be able to squeeze in Paris or London if we can get a good seat sale. We’ve even had some preliminary talks with the producers of the popular television series, Maury Povech.


We are really glad to see that the only thing that people write about us is speeding tickets or collection notices! Below are some articles which features The RUGged Man (R) Advanced Hair System. People are slowing becoming aware of the true power of confidence and a full set of hair!

Radio Interviews

Go ahead and call that cute waitress you met at bingo last week! The extra confidence that you get from wearing The RUGged Man (R) Advanced Hair System will stream through the telephone lines like a lightning bolt. Below, you can listen to some of the recent interviews we had the pleasure of doing with local radio stations. (Howard Stern.... we are still awaiting your call!)


We listened to our many customers who wanted video proof of The RUGged Man (R) Advanced Hair System. Well, here you go!! We've put together some videos showing the real benefit of The RUGged Man (R) Advanced Hair System. Go ahead swim, talk to attractive girls and even lower your golf score.